Must know Question- Answers to Master Any Language

In this article we will explore some of the most common question-answers that you learn in a new language to master conversations. Familiarizing yourself with these question-answers will help you control the flow in a conversation and direct it the way you want to. Asking questions when you are conversing in a language that you have only recently started using can seem counter-intuitive, but it has many benefits. One being that you can use this time to get familiar with the situation and have the opportunity to mimic the answers when your chance arrives. This can be taken as an extension to the mirroring technique employed by psychologists to show that they are interested in getting to know you. Whatever your target language is, there are plenty of online resources to help you out in your journey, for instance you can learn Basic Haitian Creole Questions most people should know on Creole Tutors, who apart from grooming you in the language take you through several situations that you can practice your knowledge in.

What Do You Do?

A natural question when you are introduced to someone, it is quite helpful to remember the answer to this question; apart from the fact that you yourself could, in order to learn more about the person, could choose to ask this question yourself.

Where Are You From ?

Using this question, you gain more insight into the person and ask them specifically as to which area they are from. Sometimes this question can also lead you to find common threads between you and the other person to take the conversation further. For example, you may have studied in an exchange program from their country or may have a favourite fruit from the area. Common grounds are a great way to continue your conversation in a free-flowing manner.

Questions about the weather.

Although most people would admit that talking about the weather is a conversation, they would most likely avoid given its rampant use and cliched responses, but the best way to avoid a small talk is through it. It is also good to ask questions about the weather because this is the best common thread if you find nothing else to converse about.

Questions like: It is rather cold, isn’t it? Do you reckon it might rain later? will make your flow in a conversation and get you started.

Questions about hobbies/ interests

These questions are inevitable when meeting a new person in a foreign country. You can ask about their hobbies and interests by asking them what they do in their spare time. What interests them the most in terms of entertainment, politics, self-care etc. Sports and indoor games also make for incredible questions when it comes to hobbies etc.

Asking them out for coffee.

How could we leave this set of questions out when compiling a must-know question and answers list. Several love stories have crossed borders and make for memorable ones. But before your meeting can actually turn into a love story, you must take the ‘Coffee’ route. You can also ask them questions about where you can get the best coffee around and maybe take it from there.

Ask questions like: Would you like to grab coffee sometime this week (if you are not interested romantically)

Would you like to go out sometime?

Can I get your number?

and get the ball rolling.

Other important questions that could be compiled under a miscellaneous list are: How do you like…? Haitian Creole learners can Learn Basic Haitian Creole Questions from which will cater to building their knowledge of Haitian Creole from scratch. It is crucial to have these questions in your target language at the ready for improving your prospects there.